Hill House Restoration Fund

Last year the Hill House underwent a transformational restoration process, which breathed new life into our beloved headquarters. As showcased in the Durham Magazine article, and during the Past Presidents Tour, the House looks better than ever, and once Covid-restrictions are lifted will be a premier destination for events and meetings. While the restoration of this historic home brought the internal workings up to modern day standards, there are still areas throughout the Hill House that need attention.

For many of us the Hill House is not just our headquarters, but like a second home. We have spent countless hours in the kitchen, boardroom, on the porch, and the lawn. This restoration gives us the unique opportunity to share the magnificence of the Hill House with the entire Durham community and not just women™'s organizations. With the goal of sharing the Hill House with a wider audience we must replace and repair necessary items throughout the House.

With the restoration completed, we now look towards adding finishing touches throughout the Hill House. While the restoration updated and fixed many structural problems, we need assistance fundraising for finishing touches like rugs, mirrors, and lampshades. As Sustainers, you represent some of our most dedicated Members, and we ask you to consider contributing to our Hill House Restoration Fund to assist us with these final touches.

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