Deede Jones Scholarship Fund

As a League, part of our Mission is to train women as successful volunteers and leaders in our community. We ask a great deal of our members, both physically and financially. From time to time, our members have found it difficult, because of various situations, to pay their member dues. We hate to lose these women as members of our League. So a Scholarship Fund was created to help our members with their League financial obligations if the need arises. Please consider a small donation to this fund. It helps our members and in turn serves the community. These scholarships will be awarded in honor and memory of past Junior League of Louisville President, Deede Jones. Deede once told the Courier-Journal, "I feel an obligation for service." The Junior League of Louisville is choosing to honor her memory by ensuring the financial burden of maintaining a League membership is not a barrier for a woman who shares Deede's call to service. We honor Deede, and the many generations of women who came before us, by supporting this dues scholarship program.

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