Jen Smith Living Legendary

The Jen Smith Living Legendary Award will be given annually to one active or sustaining member of the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana or a community partner who has demonstrated several of the criteria listed below.

In awarding this honor, JLCU is recognizing women who demonstrated they are living legendary while being an advocate for a cause that betters the welfare of women and their community.

The selection committee consists of the immediate past president, the Sustainer Representative, the Community Council VP and 2 At-Large members selected by the BOD. Nominations will be accepted through Monday, April 10th. The winner will be announced at the May Annual Meeting.

This award is intended for a member or community partner who:
  • is a community minded woman who does not let life define her by her cause but by the education she provides on behalf of the cause she fights for;
  • is dedicated to educating the community on a specific cause or civic issue;
  • is committed to family, friends and her community;
  • lives the mission of JLCU through her actions and service;
  • and inspires women to reach their dreams with courage, strength and love for others.