Raffle Donation Form 2020

Raffle Item Donation Information
JLSB will recognize donors through various marketing efforts. Your description must be submitted to JLSB no later than November 11, 2020. JLSB reserves the right to edit the submitted description as deemed necessary by the Public Relations committee.

All proceeds from the sale of holiday displays will benefit to JLSB. JLSB, at its sole discretion, may sell, auction or donate the tree.
Indemnity and Limitation of Liability
The JLSB shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage with respect to property owned or used by the DONOR in the DONOR's display, including but not limited to injury, loss or damage caused by negligence or fault of the JLSB, its representatives, agents or employees or any other person or entity. DONOR shall hold the JLSB harmless for any damage, which it may cause or which may be caused by JLSB, its representatives, agents, or employees or any other person or entity.

Should the DONOR default in any provision hereof, and then it/they shall be liable to JLSB for any damages occasioned thereby, inclusive of reasonable attorney fees.
Raffle donation pick up or drop off must be arranged by emailing (FOT@jlsb.net).
Please check that you read and understand the rules and regulations